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Tomahawk Original Series

  • Industry Leader.  Regarded as the strongest, most reliable, and most durable traps available.
  • Made in the USA.  Manufactured in the USA at our facility in Hazelhurst, Wisconsin.
  • Quality assured.  Each trap is quality inspected and tested before it is shipped to you, our valued customer.
  • Built to last.  Constructed with sturdy steel wire mesh frames and steel reinforcing rods welded to the frames for added strength.
  • Withstands the elements.  Trap wire is galvanized for maximum resistance to rust and corrosion.
  • Spring loaded trap doors.  Spring loaded trap doors quickly snap into place preventing animals from backing out when the trap sets.
  • Locking trap doors.  Locking trap doors prevent animals from escaping, even if the trap is turned over or flipped completely upside down.
  • Strategic mesh patterns.  Tighter wire mesh pattern around bait areas prevent animals from reaching into the trap and steeling bait from the outside.
  • Adjustable trigger.  Easy adjusting trigger system allows for light or heavy trap sets.
  • Large hand protectors.  Hand guards under trap handles on most models protect handlers against animal scratches.
  • Great selection.  A wide variety of trap sizes in several categories to choose from.  Catch small rodents on up to large dogs.