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Swing Panel Triggered Traps

These traps feature flush mount, powered, double trap doors. Made with either heavy wire and or reinforced frames, these traps are made to last. They have a unique push through pan-less swing panel trigger which makes it virtually impossible for an animal to pass through the trap without getting caught. Spring powered double doors will take animals from two directions when set right side up, sideways, or vertically. These traps are strong, reliable, durable, and require little maintenance. The traps in this category are designed for less powerful animals such as squirrels, chipmunks, skunks, opossum, baby animals, feral cats and so on. Animals such as raccoon, armadillo, badger, fisher, and woodchuck require heavy duty 9 x 11 or 12x12 traps. It should be noted that though these traps are designed for single catch, they exhibit a unique dual function capability, able to make both single or multiple catches on demand. If the springs are removed these traps become colony traps, able to make multiple catches for rodents, baby skunks etc.