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Collapsible Traps with Two Trap Doors

  • Superior quality.  Same great design, materials, and specifications as all of our traps in the Tomahawk Original Series.
  • Minimal storage space required.  Folds flat when not in use and take about 1/10th the storage space as rigid traps.
  • Simple to fold and unfold.  Traps fold flat in just a few seconds, and set up just as quickly.
  • No assembly required.  Collapsible traps come completely assembled.
  • Carry more traps at one time.  Collapsible traps allow you to carry and deploy more of them in the field at one time.
  • Calms weary animals.  Trap doors at both ends allow animals to see through the trap without obstruction and enter with confidence.
  • Allows entry from either end.  Trap doors at both ends allow animals to enter the trap from either end, increasing your chances of success.
  • Two locking trap doors.  When an animal sets off the trap by stepping on the trip pan, both spring loaded doors simultaneously snap shut and lock into place, making escape virtually impossible.